Fiona Hernuss

Attentive, socially critical, committed and often with uncomfortable honesty, Fiona Hernuss' art aims towards the heart and mind. Especially her pop-arty emu in frontal view, the figurehead of her artistic voice, delights and moves minds and hearts.

"The emu runs criss-cross like a colorful thread through my life and my work. I measure and orient myself by it - it grounds me and is my most faithful rock in the surf."

Fiona Hernuss also speaks beautifully - and above all credibly - audio samples of the professionally trained speaker can be found here: VOICE Sprecherverband

Mail from the Emu

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Full member since August 2020

I am very pleased to be accepted as a full member of the venerable Künstlerhaus!

I look forward to future joint projects with and for the Künstlerhaus!

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About the artist
Fiona Hernuss

Classically trained painter Fiona Hernuss is an emerging Austrian visual artist who is establishing herself in the realm of contemporary pop art, particularly with her strikingly gripping and iconic frontal portraits of the emu bird.

The main characters in her works are typically occupied by avatars from the animal kingdom, who also like to appear coarse. These act as empowered mediators and couriers of Hernuss' observations and messages.

The artist's stated goal is to promote positivity, transformation, and enriching conversation.

Hernuss presents her messages in vibrant, engaging paintings that invite you to broaden and deepen the horizons of your own perceptions.

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