Who speaks the truth needs a fast horse

103 x 148 cm - oil on linen

2 photos - 1 of the finished painting and 1 of making of - within which is the reference work by "Sartosius John Nost" mentioned in the text at the bottom right.

The capital letters at the top and bottom of the picture stand for the respective first letters of the quote: "Who Speaks The Truth Needs A Fast Horse." This quote is timeless. The tendency to remain silent for fear of consequences of expressing one's perception is on the rise again.

This works completely against the social progress of the last few decades and is a worrying direction we may be heading in as a human race. Authoritarian censorship hangs over us like a sword of Damocles, as it always has.

And "Eclipse"? What does this horse have to do with the truth? It is claimed that he is the fastest racehorse of all time. According to legend, "Eclipse" was born on 1 April 1764 at the time of the solar eclipse.

A not particularly beautiful chestnut for the ideal of beauty of a racehorse at that time, overbuilt at the rear, unwilling and difficult to handle. But "Eclipse" won all his races! After only 2 racing seasons he was taken off the track and put to stud, because no one wanted to bet against him anymore - he simply won every race.

"Eclipse" was so fast that his opponents often finished the race in the "nowhere" - this was the term used at that time when the other horses were far behind the winner and not even close to the finish line - but "Eclipse", the winner, had already finished. Hence the legendary saying, "Eclipse first, and the rest nowhere." This quote is also noted in the painting in its initial letters: "E, F, A, T, R, N".

A painting from that time by a certain Sartorius John Nost still depicts this Eclipse in typical old-fashioned gallop manner - rather like an awkward rocking horse. It was only modern photography that showed how the foot sequence in the horse gaits actually works. I have painted exactly this horse "Eclipse" as I could imagine it today - with the same markings and peculiarities of the "Eclipse" of that time - only in a more anatomically correct way. In collegial obeisance to Sartorius John Nost, I have painted my "Eclipse" in "his" painting background. (Illustration enclosed)

My present "Eclipse" shows the horse in more of an extended gallop - it is meant to represent speed to save oneself from those who hold grudges against the truth being spoken. Interestingly, this topic has been more "hotly" represented in the media than probably ever before, especially in recent months. All over the planet, humanity is hunting humanity itself, because the truth does not fit into the concept of the hunting part of humanity.

This painting should contribute to the awareness of truth, sincerity and tolerance. It should support these noble qualities and carry them - as far as possible to the finish line - as quickly as possible. Symbolically, I offer as a horse for this purpose "Eclipse", as he would perhaps look today - the fastest racehorse ever - for the one who speaks the truth.

2016, ©Fiona Hernuss

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