Painting beans

"Painting beans", so I call those of my works, which due to their complexity or necessary further research, were originally only entered as pure idea blanks in a list. Only in a later developed sophisticated and beans-related selection process, succeeded (t) these ideas, then successively to the actual artistic implementation.

The painting beans are the counterpart to my emus, and show the narrative-enlightening, all-encompassing side of my art. Here I comment on and process experiences, facts and impressions. There are no limits to the choice of themes within my painting beans. From the wise Confucius, over chicken soup to R2D2 - my artistic interest treats each topic with equal value and enthusiastic devotion.

To make the difficult choice of "what subject do I paint next" easier, I write each subject of interest to me on a list, number the subjects consecutively, and number each subject with its own real (dried) bean - a painting bean.

Each time it's time to start a new painting bean, I put the numbered beans into a bowl.

Then, without paying attention to the numbers, I randomly pick 3 beans out of the bowl.

Up to here it was random, but from here on I get to choose which one of these 3 beans I want to tackle - it's an exciting moment! The agony of choice is about to end: I compare the numbers on the idea list with the numbers on the 3 beans:

Painting bean #23 - Portrait in oil of Star Wars drone R2D2

Painting bean #8 - Quote from Confucius "He who speaks the truth needs a fast horse".

Painting bean #111 - "Zeus and Europe"

I choose the topic that seems most appropriate to me at this exact moment in time -

the subject to which I want to give time and attention with the greatest enthusiasm:

Bean #8. I choose Confucius - and a new world immediately opens up before me...I will paint a horse for Bean #8...a special one .... the fastest in the world...but I don't know that at this point...only my research and preparations will reveal that...I will even read a book about this horse...a book from a bygone era...I will thus not only expand my knowledge and horizons, but also those of the future viewer of the finished work...I want to enrich!

Much joy and broadening of horizons I wish you with my existing and future painting beans!

Skating Giacometti

Who speaks the truth needs a fast horse




Aesculapian snake pleas for unity