Although my classical painting training for years, drawing, painting, as well as pictorial, revolved almost exclusively around the anatomically correct depiction of the human nude, today there is hardly a painting of mine that does not include an animal.

In the representation of animals I find allies for my concerns. Through the animals, a special access to the viewing audience opens up for me. And for myself, the animals filter the weight in my topics into a more digestible form for both sides. Animals take away the pressure to perform before many a subject and draw the viewer trustingly under their spell.

Animals are for me refuge and protective shield at the same time. I feel responsible for them and at the same time I feel a special security in their proximity. There is not only a biological co-dependence between animals and humans, but also a deep spiritual connection. This has always been very strong with me. If you ask me about the happiest moments in my life, it is, with a few exceptions, always a certain animal that has entered my life and thus enriched it.

From the first firefly to the baby shark, they have all enchanted me and thus captivated me forever. My art honors exactly that.

Cape Buffalo pair


Big Red


The last supper