The last supper

80 x 200 cm, Öl auf Leinen

"The Last Supper" is an older and yet timeless work of mine. I consider it an important milestone in my art. Beauty, calm, pause, care, attention, prudence, acceptance, sincerity, truth, emotional balance and much more - all these I strive for in my real life when I cook, care for family and friends, but also when I create art - this is what I strive for in every work."The Last Supper" flirts with the Last Supper before the crucifixion of Jus Christ and at the same time with the (equally) theatrically murderous tradition of bullfighting.

For me, these two contentious themes are almost directly connected here: Both sides claim for themselves a strong form of love, devotion and surrender to something greater than man individually is ever capable of being. The superordinate seems so fabulously great that even a human life is sacrificed for this greater thing, and that as a matter of course. I wanted to portray here the quality common to both situations, the calm before the storm, the acceptance of the impending fate. I want to capture the moment when everything on earth still seems intact, but the fate brought about by human beings seems to have been sealed long ago and is still valid.

2010, ©Fiona Hernuss

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