Cremu de Cassis

90 x 80, Oil on linen

Creme de Cassis de Dijon by Gabriel Boudier is, in my opinion, probably the most beautiful cassis bottle there is. Its label is retro to the core - like a 911 Porsche from the 70s - simply a timeless feast for the eyes. I was looking for a customer gift and wanted to give my customers an old-fashioned Kir as a souvenir - so I painted an emu with the said most beautiful Cassis bottle in the world and gave an image of it to a wonderful Grüner Veltliner reserve on 250ml bottles. I also added a little original Boudier crème des cassis and signed the label on the wine bottle. 2 1/8th Kir yield with original artist signature per customer gift. That was a lot of work but also a lot of pleasure. It's a pity that most of the recipients don't drink the wine - they don't even open it - they don't want to destroy the "work of art" - that honours me, of course, but the wine doesn't get any better over the years!

Collection and playfulness of the artist

2019 Signiert: Fiona Hernuss

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