120 x 100 cm, oil on linen

Painting dog portraits is a royal pleasure for me! As soon as I know that a certain dog is to be painted by me, a very special aura appears and surrounds it in a flash. My view of the dog becomes deeper, more focused and all-encompassing. I recognize and understand the dog in its entirety: how it ticks, thinks, feels and acts, loves and accompanies, how it is there, ready to go through thick and thin with its master.

The most exciting moment is when the dog's soul suddenly appears on the canvas with just a small brushstroke, winking cheekily at me. This is the climax of the portrait. From this point on, it is important to capture and confirm this quality.

The aim is to create a kind of clone of the dog - only in the form of an oil portrait.

I can proudly say that there has never been a dry eye in the house when the finished dog portraits are handed over. Neither for the client, nor for me. Such an intimate and sincere engagement with such an extraordinarily submissive and lovable creature as a dog is deeply moving.

In my oil portraits the dog should live on. Its aura and love should survive, also for other generations. Your portraits should make it easier to grasp how enchanting, loyal or kind these dogs were on earth. In the hearts of the following generations of people, they shall also take their place. From their portraits, the stories about the love relationship between dogs and humans are told and lived on in the hearts of people.

collection of the artist

2010, ©Fiona Hernuss

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